Your Naked Skin and professional models

My conditions for working with professional models:

If you want photo’s for your own portfolio then best ask for a tfp-shoot. You will get all the processed photos and get your own choice of photos that you deem eligible for post processing. The photo’s are owned by the both of us and will be treated as accordingly. You will have a say about publication and we can both use photos for commercial purposes if we agree to do so. It’s a real collaboration.

If you want to get paid, perfectly fine too, but then you will have to sign a model release for me so I can use the photos without any restrictions. I will not pay for work I am not allowed to use. You most probably will get some great shots but there will be no obligation for me to do so. I will only book a shoot when I need images for whatever reason (don’t worry, I often do).

It’s either way, you get paid or have great photos that you are allowed to use wherever you want. You will have to make a choice here.

If you want photos for your portfolio and have all the exclusive rights for yourself that’s okay too, but then you have to pay me for my time and my travel expenses. I don’t mind traveling.

I think these conditions are fair, but as with all things in life, everything can be discussed. If you have a proposal that is not in line with what I wrote here, contact me anyway. You never know. Apart from this I am realy relaxed and shoots are always great fun.


You can calculate your possible fee. Fill in the table here.

Use of images on paysites like Patreon, Onlyfans etc.

This is not a problem for images you payed for or images originating from a TFP-shoot. For images from a shoot where you were payed by me you need permission.