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SDC members are fond of sex, preferrably with others. Making memories is what you do. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could relive these moments with state of the art images? That is possible! Order a photoshoot with Your Naked Skin and as a SDC member pay only €300 for a pro photoshoot instead of €425. That is more then €100 off!

sdc members photoshoot

you love sex. Now you can make it unforgettable

why us?

  • You will get photos of an unequalled quality. Just like any picture on this website. They are all made by us, without exception.
  • We act like pros. Because we are pros. We guarantee strict confidentiallity. No publishing. You will have an agreement in writing, signed by us.
  • We are very experienced photographers. It is our second nature to put you at ease. What we often hear: “we forgot that you were even there”. Exactly how we like it to be.
sdc members photoshoot

what do you have to offer?

As we said. State of the art images. Nearly everything is possible. Nearly… we don’t accept assignments with underaged people or animals. For the rest it is totally up to you. You want images in ravishing lingerie? Considder it done. You want to have sex in front of the camera? We have a lot of experience with this kind of photography…we got you covered. All done in our own style: Colorful, beautiful, explicit but never vulgar.


Wherever you want. Having a small SDC members party at your home? Invite us. We will come over for a few hours, you will have all the fun and you will have your stunning photos within two weeks.

I don’t want my face in the frame

Understood. We know what you mean and we know how to solve your problem. Take a look here for some examples. Your photos are your photos. We will not publish them.

I am not a model. I wouldn’t know what to do

We are there for you. With loads of information prior to the shoot. Of course we help you while we are over there with you. The shoot is always full of laughs. Don’t worry. Most people are sad when it’s all over.

More questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Chat with us on this website, or find us at SDC and ask us anything you want to know.

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you always wanted this, didn’t you