Professional Models

Working with Your naked Skin

Are you a professional model and do you want to be booked by Your Naked Skin Photography? Professional models working on their portfolio best book a TFP photoshoot. It is the only way to get photos. We do a lot TFP-shoots for Lingerie, Implied and Artistic Nudes and as a result, there is often no need to book pro models for these levels. In the rare cases that we do need a pro model for this, we contact these models ourselves.

Conditions (paid shoots)

If you want to apply as a paid model and be booked by Your Naked Skin please note that:

  • Your level of posing should be at least artistic nude. This means that you have no problems showing your entire body and pose to the level of full frontal nude. Your chances of being booked are higher if you offer higher levels.
  • We only book you if you allow us to actually publish and use photos. If you want to restrict our right of publication, this must be discussed in advance and it may affect your desired fee. In short: We won’t pay for images that can’t be used anywhere.
  • As a paid professional model you will not be entitled to the photos of the shoot. We offer a fee OR photos. You can’t have both and we will make no exceptions to this rule.
  • Even if you do offer erotic/adult posing as a professional model it does not mean there is a right to be booked by Your Naked Skin. We only book professional models if we actually need your photos for our own portfolio. We can refuse a paid shoot for any reason. Your appearance might not fit our portfolio or maybe your fee is out of our budget.
  • We do not, under no circumstances, offer advance payments.

we wil send you a form

Conditions (TFP)

  • For TFP we accept implied nude and higher levels. We don’t offer tfp-shoots for shooting lingerie as max level.
  • We accept restrictions to our rights to publish images. We can agree not to publish your images on Facebook for example. If you limit out right to publish images too much then we might refuse a TFP-shoot.
  • You can have any number of photos of your choice out of a TFP shoot
  • We only offer a TFP-shoot if we expect that your photos add to our portfolio

You can contact us if you have any questions.