Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer to your question? Reach out to us, we are so glad to help you!

frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum age for a photoshoot?

For lingerie, implied nude and art nude you need to be 18 years or older. For higher levels you need to be 21 years or older.

I want to bring a chaperone. Is that allowed?

Definitely yes. We want you to be at ease and we have nothing to hide. Your chaperone is allowed in the same room. We limit the number of escorts to one person. It’s a photoshoot, not a circus act. We expext him/her not to interfere with communications between photographer and model. Bringing children to the photoshoot is not allowed.

Do I have to sign the model release?

Yes you do. It’s there for your own good too. The release is so important to us that we don’t shoot without a signed release. You can sign the release digitally from the comfort of your home. No printing needed.

I see only women on your website. I’m a man. Can I book a shoot?

Yes you can. But as you can see we don’t use photos of men on our website or elsewhere. This means we cannot offer you a free TFP shoot. Duo photoshoots with a female partner are always possible.

I sent the information form. What will happen next?

We will review your form quickly. This shouldn’t take longer then a working day. You will receive some information about the shoot and how to prepare yourself. You also will receive a link to our calendar where you can choose a date and a time that is convenient to you.

Is the photographer naked too?

(Thank God NO)

About the photoshoot

I signed up for an erotic photoshoot but I changed my mind. Is that possible?

Yes, you are under no circumstances obliged to pose, even if we booked you. You can always switch to a lower level or stop the shoot all together. If you were booked by us then switchting to a lower level or not shooting will have an effect on the agreed fee.

I signed up for a lingerie shoot but I want to switch to art nude. Is that possible?

Switching to a higher level is not always possible. Discuss it with the photographer. He decides. We don’t want you to do things in a brash mood that you will later regret.

Can the photographer touch me when I am naked?

Absolutely not. We have a very strict no touch policy during our photoshoots. This means that if you want to be bodypainted you will have to hire another artist to do this for you. POV (point-of-view) shoots are strictly forbidden with Your Naked Skin.

Of course the photographer can help you with buttons etc. but only after you explicitly asked for help.

Will the photographer keep his clothes on?

Yes. You may expect the highest level of professionalism.

After the photoshoot

I don’t want my photos published. Is that possible?

Of course. Book a payed photoshoot and the images will be all yours. But even if we agreed on a tfp-shoot you will have the opportunity to tell us where you don’t want your images published. a Word of caution though: If you limit the use of your photos too much we may not be able to offer you a tfp-photoshoot. If we booked and payed you we expect no limitations whatsoever.

How will I receive my photos?

You can download your photos from a link we will send you. If you did more photoshoots with Your Naked Skin you will find all your photos in this one place.

I want print versions. Is that possible?

Yes. Our photos look great on a computerscreen, but a print is something else. Tell us wich image you want to print and we will send you the image in the highest resolution. You can send the file to the photolab of your liking. This service is completely free for our customers.

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