Frequently Asked Questions

About Your naked Skin

Here you can find a summary of the most frequently asked questions. Contact us if you can’t find the answer to your question here.

Where are you located. Do you work from a photostudio we can visit?

YNS Photography is located in the Netherlands. We can provide a studio if needed but we prefer to work on a location. Often hotels or B&B’s. Most of our clients need assets like a bed, a window or a bathtub. Studios usually don’t provide these. Another big advantage of working on different locations is that it prevents our photos from looking all the same. We don’t need much space for good photos. Some clients choose for the comfort of their home and that always works perfectly well.

I love this model on your site. Can you help me to establish contact?

Nope. Privacy is important so we don’t pass any information about people we work with. Ever. We will not ask the models to contact you either, even if you are a photography business yourself.

I love one of the photos on your website. Can I buy it?

Most photos on this website are for sale. If it is, you can click on it and a shopping cart will appear at the bottom (left). You can purchase a privat licence if you want to use one of our photos as a wallpaper or to make a print. Complete photoshoots can be bought at Bentbox. Check our shop too!

I am overwhelmed by the quality of your work. This must be extremely expensive!

No it’s not! In fact, our prices are very average an we like to keep it that way. Don’t believe us! Check here for yourself!

About you

I am not a model. Can I have a photoshoot with you?

Yes! Everyone can. We do not care when you were born and where you were born and we don’t care what the scale throws at you every morning. We love every ounce of you! Never ever think it is not for you! Because it is. It is our job to bring out the best of you. It is our job to make you proud.

There are age restrictions however. We don’t shoot with you if you are younger then 18 years old, even if you have your parent’s permission. For erotic and adult shoots you need to be at least 21 years old.

Do you shoot with males?

Yes. Normal rates apply. We don’t need photos of men for this website or our portfolio and because of that we don’t offer tfp-shoots to men. Have a look at our services page.

I don’t know if i dare

Be honest to yourself about it. All we can say is that we are looking at naked bodies all the time and you don’t have to feel embarrased. We do everything within our power to make you feel comfortable because we feel this should be an event you look back on with a big smile on your face. We support you throughout the photoshoot. Most women undress and after minutes forget they are naked and the photographer is not. But if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

I am a professional model. Will you book me?

We work with professional models and content creators all the time. Read our terms here.

Do I have to send you nude photos?

Of course not. You are welcome no matter what. If you want to be booked be us we might ask for a link to your portfolio. That’s all. You don’t have to send photos. Think twice if photographers ask this.

About photoshooting

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Do I have to be naked all the time?

Of course not. Bring a bathrobe if that makes you feel more comfortable and try to wear loose clothing that does not leave marks on your body when you come to the shoot. You undress immediately after you come in but you can wear anything when we are not shooting. As long as it doesn’t leave marks on your body we are perfectly okay with that.

Is the photographer dressed all the time?

This one really seems to intrigue you. It’s one the most frequently asked questions. Thank Goodness yes! We have a code of conduct and photographers being dressed all the time is one of the main rules. Another important rule is the no-touch policy during the entire photoshoot.

How close will the photographer be when i am naked?

We try not to invade your personal space. Even when making close ups. We use longer lenses for that. No need to crawl between your legs.

I signed up for an erotic shoot. Can I change my mind?

Of course. You can change to a lower level at any point during the shoot. You booked time and it’s your decision at what levels we are going to spend that time. Changing to a higher level is only possible after consultation with the photographer. We want you to think things over before the shoot and not make any hasty decisions you regret afterwards.

Can i bring a friend to the photoshoot?

You can bring another person to the shoot (one!). This person can stay in the same room provided that you are okay with that and this person does not disrupt communications between you and the photographer. We can ask this person to wait outside the room if we feel that his or her presence impacts the photoshoot in a negative way. If it is a problem, we stop the photoshoot alltogether.

Never ever bring your children. If you can’t find a daycare for your kids, cancel the shoot but don’t bring them with you.

I want a duo shoot with a male partner but I don’t have one. Can I ask the photographer?

Not a chance.

Can you find a partner for me to shoot with?

No. We are not a model agency. Requests to shoot with any of the models that appear on this site will be ignored.

I am convinced. Where can I book you?