Newsletter March 2022

This is Why you don’t get your images the same day (and why you shouldn’t want that)

We love good photography and that is what we like to show the world. Good photography means photos made AND post-processed with good craftmanship. We see photographers advertizing with giving photos on the day of the photoshoot. Obviously the post-processing part has been cut out from the workflow. Maybe they are all great photographers that make photos that don’t need any post-processing but looking at some of the portfolios tells me differently.

Truth is that digital images need post-processing. Especially photographers shooting in RAW-format (we do). If we wouldn’t post-process our images they would like flat and dull and you would be disappointed. Colors, light, contrasts, they are all enhanced in photoshop. Always…Here is why

correcting light and color

See how we lightened the part over her back? Noticed how we transformed the light in a way that your attention is grabbed by her instead of by the cloth? Take a look at how we enhanced the contrasts of her tattoo. We color corrected the image in a way that fitted our needs. It’s a style thing and a matter of taste. Often they are small changes but they contribute a lot to the end result.


Often there is more to be enhanced then only light, color and contrast. We retouch model’s skin in post process too. With all due respect to our models. We never transform you in a Barbie doll. We will remove any blemishes and scars. It’s a photoshoot. Who fancies the truth should buy a mirror. Not hire us. Never postpone a photo shoot because you think your body isn’t perfect. We can do a lot to make you look perfect!

We retouched her belly while retaining skin structure to make it look realistic. Just blurring (the most common way of retouching by many photographers) or using a filter won’t do the job and make things even worse. As you can see we can do a lot in post. It means that anyone can apply for a photoshoot and look great…anyone.

So if a photographer offers you to hand your photos on a stick immediately after the shoot, think again! Quality takes time!

Photoshoots february 2022

You can expect following shoots soon on our website (Kelly Star already published, click to see it)

What’s next?

Well, we visited a barber with Sammy Gold, Lana Lush, Lexy Shy and Sabrina. We did another very erotic shoot with Miss Sofie and we tested the homestudio of Sammy Gold. Stay tuned!

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